Mens Climbing Trousers- Pre-order launching soon.

You may have noticed an empty spot on our website which should have been filled with our climbing trousers, well that is soon to be resolved. We have been working effortlessly to source the right fabric, something with enough stretch, enough lustre and ethically produced and it may come as a surprise but this is no easy feat.

On top of this we thought we would try to make things even more difficult like trying a campus move on the crux of your project, we decided to try and strip back as many air miles as possible in this product, to ensure we know the people making our trousers, that we know they are operating in a safe and fair environment we decided to manufacture in the U.K. a country known for its heritage in quality manufacturing but also closing factories left right and centre.

We managed to find a factory located in East London run by climbers who were enthusiastic to take on this project, We are happy to say the quality of the product has exceeded expectation and below is a sneak peak of what we have created.

Mens Rock climbing pants

Our Climbing Trousers feature 2 zip up pockets, perfect to prevent shedding items when heel hooking.

Gusseted crotch on climbing trousers

This is a specially designed three piece gusseted crotch, cut in a way that allows for maximum stretch and minimum flexibility meaning no more sagging.

climbing trousers with drawstring waist

Also featuring an elasticated drawstring waist with belt loops, this makes for unparalleled comfort along with discretion. When you have a belt on nobody needs to know these are climbing trousers.

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